Industry: Manufacturing

Product: Business Continuity & Workplace Recovery

Our client is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quality sealing products for the oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace and defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.It has six UK sites, with customers that include ulus escort major global enterprises.

With highly challenging contractual and service level obligations to meet the IT infrastructure must be resilient, flexible and able to mitigate any potential loss of service.


With six sites requiring full access to sales orders, invoicing systems and files, multiple solutions were being used to provide access. This created stress on the network and a business continuity headache.


Following a major Citrix implementation access to Sage, files, email, scanning and printed was provided across all 5 locations. This means that any user can access any (authorised) files at any location. This also made restoration in the event of a loss of site considerably easier.


An internal server replication was put in place to ensure that all files, email, SQL databases etc were protected in the eventuality of a hardware failure. Hosting all the servers in one site however was a potential single point of failure in the event of a restriction of access, temporary or full loss of site.


Using a full system replication solution we now mirror the internal servers to our workplace recovery/data centre. This provides a secure off-site copy of the clients systems should a full loss of site be an issue.


With demanding Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and a commitment from management to Business Continuity Planning, the client requested options for recovery of Head Office functions in the event of a restriction of access or loss of site.


Instant Availability provided a full Workplace Recovery Solution at our local facility. This provides fully equipped workstations, telephony and connectivity as well as meeting, training and ‘breakout’ facilities for staff. Coupled with our off-site replication option this provides an ideal business continuity solution that more than satisfies ‘best practice’, client service levels and regulatory compliance.


Through the solutions implemented, Instant Availability helped to manage business continuity obligations and to put in place robust solutions to minimise impact and get back to ‘Business As Usual’ as quickly as possible in the event of a major incident.


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